Small Business Health Care Credit Explained

If you need a good laugh and then maybe a good cry, here is a great video that explains the small business health care credit.   Many of the credits that are published by congress are really not that good.  As a small business owner you need to know the mechanics before doing any business planning around your credit.  Enjoy.


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A super nice Dave Ramsey referral showed me this program today.  I like it!

It’s $10 a month and seems very IRS compliant.


The Importance of Being a Dave Ramsey Tax ELP.

Is helping you not pay taxes unnecessarily.  You need to manage taxes like any other expense.  I will help take the stress and headache out of tax preparation.  You can call me with tax questions during the year and I’ll be there for you year after year.  With my cloud based tax preparation software, I can do your taxes from anywhere at anytime.   I have a 99% approval rating from people who have used my services; nobody’s perfect.  Call me and let me know how you’re doing ok.  My office number is 850-208-3356.

Very Truly Yours,

Paul C. Barrett, CPA

The Importance of Understanding Xero.

As a CPA, it’s my job to look into the future and help prepare my clients.  Xero, and programs like Xero are the future of accounting and personal finance.    I can get you ahead of the game. Call me for a free online demonstration of the modern way to do accounting.

Very Truly Yours,

Paul C. Barrett, CPA



Transactions categorized for taxes or business management. Free up your time, reduce costs and avoid IRS penalties. We offer direct deposit and employee portals.  Leverage outside payroll expertise and never sign a check or a payroll return again. We use the latest technology to do it better!



Estimated tax. Income tax. Sales tax. Payroll tax. Federal tax. State tax. Local tax. Healthcare tax.  You name it. Since we collaborate online and in real time, we can see things coming a mile away. It works. We’re sold, and you should be too.


Cloud accounting uses the power of the internet to automatize accounting processes and do as little data entry as possible.  Humans are better designed to interpret data than enter data. Let the machines do the hard work for you!  All you have to do is let your cloud systems talk and watch as problems are solved.



We specialize in construction reviews and taxation. Very few small firms have the ability to do this service, but we do. Give us a call at (850) 208-3356. You’ll get a better experience at less cost compared to the big firms.

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