1040 return
Item Documentation
1) Tax returns from prior years

Write notes over here.





2015, if possible.
2) Wages and salaries W-2
3) Dividends and interest 1099-Div and 1099-INT
4) Capital gains and losses 1099-B or broker statement
5) Self-employment income Sch C. Books and records including end of year bank statement and accounting software data file copied to a CD or thumb drive; include ADMIN login and password


Home office Deduction: See below for template

6) Partnerships, S corporations K-1
7) Rents Rental property records: Revenue and Expenses
8) Unemployment compensation 1099-G
9) Social Security benefits SSA-1099
10) State tax refunds 1099-G
11) Original issue discount 1099-OID
12) Pension and annuities 1099-R; contribution records
13) IRA Distributions 1099-R
14) Barter Income 1099-B
15) Sale of your home 1099-S
16) Other Income and Royalties 1099-MISC
17) IRA Contributions Amount
18) Keogh contribution Amount
19) Medical expenses List
20) Interest expense 1098 from bank
21) Charitable contributions List
22) Taxes – property, state income. Form 1098
23) Miscellaneous deductions Ask for a separate list if interested
24) Exemptions Date of birth for taxpayer, spouse dependents
25) Estimated tax payments List by date
26) Tuition and fees Form 1098-T or list
27) Health Care Forms 1095A, 1095B or 1095C
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