Why The Cloud Is A Safe Deposit Box For Your Data

Skeptical about storing your data in the cloud? If so, you’re not alone. The very term “cloud” seems nebulous … it’s hard to wrap your brain around.

To make the cloud more tangible, a recent article in Forbes Magazine compares it to a safe deposit locker for your data, using six key points as a […]

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Cloud Myth 2: The Cloud Is Less Reliable

Many will tell you that cloud providers can’t guarantee uptime. As with security issues, they will bring up major outages including Healthcare.gov, Amazon, and even the Feedly DDOS attack that hurt the cloud solutions.

Fact: These minor outages are uncommon, overstated and under-researched. Xero and Intacct have 99% uptime.

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Cloud Myth 1: The Cloud Isn’t Secure

People often share concerns around the security of keeping business data in the cloud. The truth is, however, your data is often more secure in the cloud than on a local server.

This is because the majority of cloud providers employ enterprise-level security systems that go well beyond what the typical small business can […]

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A SIMPLE Retirement Plan for the Self-Employed


Of all the retirement plans available to small business owners, the SIMPLE IRA plan (Savings Incentive Match PLan for Employees) is the easiest to set up and the least expensive to manage.

These plans are intended to encourage small business employers to offer retirement coverage to their employees. SIMPLE IRA plans work well for […]

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Sleeter Group Monthly Cloud Accounting Update – Xero Upgrades


Here is a September cloud accounting update from the Sleeter Group.  In a couple of minutes, they break it all down.  This months post is mostly about Xero.  They have made important upgrades to the deposit function and reports.  Basically QuickBooks online is more powerful and has more functions than Xero. Xero’s interface […]

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