With the launch of Southern Cloud Accounting, Paul Barrett, CPA is going to revolutionize the accounting process for his clients and anyone else who wants to gain the freedom and advantages of cloud accounting.  Southern Cloud Accounting specializes in doing outsourced accounting.   We strongly believe in using the cloud to make life better.   Their software knowledge is no match for my High Tech Solutions and Collaborations.   The biggest benefit is being able to run your business from anywhere at anytime.  The business reasons have become very apparent and can no longer be ignored.  The amount you can save on IT costs alone are significant.

This evening as I was watching Sunday Night Football, Xero, the beautiful performed a major software enhancement, sent out an email to announce it and I started using it right away.  That is one of the things I really like about cloud based software.  These companies usually have a democratic process for creating enhancements to their products in which users get a set number of votes.  When they happen, they just happen.

I am very excited to be specializing in the fascinating subject of cloud accounting and I believe 5 years from now we will be saying, “Hey, do you remember when we used to install software on PC’s”.  As for Southern Cloud Accounting, we hope to have all our clients running on the cloud in the next 2 years.

Paul Barrett, CPA dba Southern Cloud Accounting