I’m excited to tell you about our new desktop virtual cloud accounting solutions powered the best of cloud based accounting vendors using the most secure cloud servers available. Cloud solutions can help businesses manage the transition to an anywhere anytime work place while minimizing risks and lowering costs.

In my conversations with clients I hear many reasons why implementing a cloud accounting system in today’s mobile world, where there is an explosion of mobile devices and employees expecting the workplace to come with them wherever they go and on whatever device they use. This anywhere anytime bring your own device mindset poses a dilemma for most organizations. How can businesses realize the benefits of creating a flexible workplace while managing the risks and ensuring control, ensuring security and lowering costs? What if you could implement a more dynamic business system that allows you to realize the benefits of all the devices while maintaining control and rapidly deploying new and innovative applications to better serve your customers. Southern Cloud’s smart cloud based accounting applications provide an end to end device based solution that provides several business benefits. It gives employees more flexible, secure and productive ways to work providing higher productivity and mobility, better security and compliance, easy management of a wide array of devices and lower IT costs.

Southern Cloud Accounting’s solution is the right choice for your business with the flexibility to support a broad range of users and uses. From the casual user with light tasks and transactions, to power users with high performance applications. With the proper training, technology can do the heavy lifting for you. The choice of offerings include industry leading Xero, bill.com, payroll.com, and google docs. The offerings are powered by multiple redundant secure servers making backing up your PC a thing of the past. This system provides power to optimize workflows with outstanding uptime and GUI interface for cost efficiency and rock solid reliability. This system is energy smart, environmentally friendly with a pay as you go design that helps you reduce costs and manage risks. Ultimately, Southern Clouds cloud accounting systems can help you quickly and affordably implement cloud accounting solutions to drive your productivity while lowering your overall costs and eliminating soft costs. To learn more about the benefits of a cloud accounting solution, contact Paul Barrett at Southern Cloud Accounting.