This is a convenient way to pay 1040 taxes.



Additional Information on IRS Direct Pay

Can I make a payment towards a previous tax return?
You can make a tax payment towards a 1040 tax return for the last 20 years (e.g., 1993 – 2013) for most of the Reason for Payment options. There are two exceptions: Estimated Tax Payments and Requests for Extension of Time to File. Estimated Tax Payments are paid to the IRS in the current calendar year (e.g., 2014), while Requests for Extension of Time to File payments are generally for the current tax year (e.g., 2013).

Can I make a payment towards a return other than the 1040 return?
IRS Direct Pay only accepts 1040 return series payments. Additional payment types will likely be added to the application in a future release.

How does the IRS verify my identity?
We will use one of your prior year processed tax returns to verify your identity. In step two, Verify Identity, select the Tax Year for Verification that you would like the IRS to verify against. You can choose one of the last five years for identity verification (consider selecting your most recent tax return). Note, all of the information you enter on the Verify Identity page should match the tax return you are verifying against.

I verified my identity last month when I used IRS Direct Pay. Do I need to verify my identity again this month?
You will need to verify your identity each time you use IRS Direct Pay. In a future release, you may only have to verify your identity once if you register with IRS Direct Pay.

I received a confirmation number for my recent payment but it was not deducted from my bank account. Was my payment actually processed?
Your payment takes two business days to process, and payments submitted after 8 p.m. eastern will begin processing the next business day. Continue to hold on to your confirmation number until your payment is processed.

Can I schedule a future payment?
Yes, you can schedule a payment up to 30 business days in advance.

Can I set up recurring payments using IRS Direct Pay?
You can only submit one payment at a time using IRS Direct Pay. Alternatively, if you are making a payment against an installment agreement, consider using the Online Payment Agreement application to set up recurring payments.

What if there are insufficient funds in my account?
Your payment takes two business days to process, and payments submitted after 8 p.m. eastern will begin processing the next business day. If your payment is returned, you will receive a payment return notice in the mail notifying you to resubmit your payment.

I received a “technical difficulties” message. What does it mean and what should I do?
The IRS Direct Pay application may experience temporary technical difficulties from time to time. If you receive a technical difficulties message, click the back button and try your action again. If that does not work, visit the Make a Payment page for alternative payment methods or come back later and try again. Your tax payment is due regardless of IRS Direct Pay online availability. Note, if the application is down for maintenance an outage message will be posted on the application home page.

What browsers does IRS Direct Pay support?
IRS Direct Pay supports the following browser and operating system combinations: IE 8 on Windows XP, IE 9 on Windows 7, Chrome 31 (or higher) on Windows 7, Firefox 25 (or higher) on Windows 7, IE 11 on Windows 7 and Safari 7 on iOS.

Can I still access if I am locked out of IRS Direct Pay?
If you receive a Verification error and are subsequently locked out IRS Direct Pay, you can continue to use the content and features available on