I have never done accounts. How easy is it to use your software?

When you become our client, we will manage your accounting tasks for you. We’ll help you get used to performing a few simple, routine tasks such as putting your bank account details into Xero (our fully online, hosted accounting system), how to upload receipts and invoices into Receipt-Bank, and how to issue sales invoices. That’s […]

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Is it safe to have all my data stored on the internet?

All our client software has SSL certificates signed by global leaders in the business. The encryption is the same as that used for Internet banking. We have taken great care in choosing the software vendors and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that complete our offering. Protecting your data is a duty of care we take extremely seriously.

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Can the system create recurring invoices?

Yes, you can use Xero’s “Repeat Invoicing” feature to create sales or purchase invoices automatically. These can be set to repeat on the same day every set number of weeks or set number of months. You can set the system to produce the invoices indefinitely or until a specific date.

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How do I upload receipts to the web-based service?

Our web-based receipt management system, Receipt-Bank, includes an app that lets you submit your receipts from your smart phone. You can also e-mail soft copies to your dedicated mailbox or even send us your expense receipts and invoices in an envelope so that we can upload them for you.

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Can I enter budgets and historical or comparative information?

Yes, the online service lets you enter a budget and report against it. You can also enter historical and comparative figures from periods (annual) before you started to use our services. Using our data champion service, we can also import other kinds of information including customer lists, vendor lists, accounts receivable, accounts payable and historical […]

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